A Cattery Specializing in the Japanese Bobtail

Owner/Breeders Beth Graham and Brett Sarkissian
Located in West Virginia

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Our Japanese Bobtails

About Cat-Chi Cats

Cat-Chi Cats is a cattery that specializes in breeding the Japanese Bobtail (JBT for short). We established the Cat-Chi Cats Cattery in 1998. All of our cats are CFA Registered.

Japanese Bobtails are active, athletic cats who are small to medium in size, and weigh between 6 to 9 pounds.  They combine the reflexes and intelligence of a breed that has survived by its wits for centuries, with the elegance and grace so prized by the culture in which it evolved. Find out what makes a good Japanese Bobtail; it's more than just the bunny tail!

Check out our kittens and cats for sale. We nearly always have a kitten or a retired cat available. When possible, we try to have pets altered prior to leaving our cattery. For females who are too young for surgery when they are adopted, we have a strict spay/neuter agreement with pet kittens. 

You can also see some of our past and present cats in our Gallery of Cats.

Read frequently-asked questions (FAQ) about our Japanese Bobtail cats, and view a sample contract.

History and Legend

Did you know that the Japanese Bobtail cat has been around for at least a thousand years? Learn the origin of this breed in Siam and India and how it migrated to Japan.

You often see a Maneki Neko, a cat statue with one paw raised, at Japanese restaurants. Find out more about these good luck charms, and then take a look at our Maneki Neko collection.


Here are some of our favorite links, including other Japanese Bobtail breeders, cat-related merchandise, Manx breeders (the Manx is a tailless cat that is in no way related to the Japanese Bobtail.; these links are for comparison), cat fancier organizations, feline rescue, and veterinary information.

Bobbin' Works

Bobbin' Works is my new home based sewing, and custom embroidery service. I also make quilts

A Cattery specializing in the Japanese Bobtail
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