A Cattery Specializing in the Japanese Bobtail

Owner/Breeders Beth Graham and Brett Sarkissian
Located in West Virginia

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About Cat-Chi Cats

Cat-Chi Cats works exclusively with the Japanese Bobtail (JBT for short). All of our cats are CFA Registered; many coming to me from other wonderful JBT catteries in America. My first three cats came from Jennifer Reding's cattery, Janipurr, out of the bay area, California. Xena and YoGabrielle produced some very nice kittens for me - each with a different stud - to create the real foundation to my breeding program.

Our first litter was from Xena, who was bred to NW, RW GRC Nekomo's Hirohito, DM.

Our first two Grand Champions came from this breeding! GRC Cat-Chi Cats Nob of Nekomo was shown by Allen Scruggs and Douglas Myers. He was our First Grand Champion! Many thanks to Doug and Allen for all of the help and support within "the fancy" and our beloved breed! The second Grand Champion was Nob's sister, Cat-Chi Cats AnaChiyo, who I showed, and now lives in PA.  

Gabby was bred to our imported JBT, who we call Jake, but is named Aozora. He is a blue and white bicolor, and is shown on the right.

Our First Grand!

Our first Grand Champion out of our breeding program! GRC Cat-Chi Cats Nob of Nekomo (shown on right) won his title in just two shows! Our heartfelt thanks to owners Douglas Myers and Allen Scruggs of
Nekomo Cattery for campaigning Nob! Go Bobtails!

Our Second Grand!
Chiyo  Nob's Sister -- GRC Cat-Chi Cats AnaChiyo
You can see the sweetness and intelligence in her face!

A Cattery specializing in the Japanese Bobtail
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