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Beth Graham
Located in West Virginia

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Cat-Chi Cats Bobbin' Works

Bobbin' Works seemed like the perfect name for me since I am into the bobtails ...  bobtails - bobbins...  I thought it was funny anyway.

I have started a home based Sewing, and Custom Embroidery Service since I retired from Verizon in November of 2005.  I really do enjoy sewing, and creating things more than pulling wire, and installing phones!

I make custom Quilts for any application.  Wall hanging, cribs, or any size bed.  I believe I can applique or embroider any theme you choose.

I have a growing Embroidery database, plus I can create embroideries from your own pictures!

Here is a picture of the Maneki Neko Crib quilt I made for my new Granddaughter Lindsey. I'm glad I had the presence of mind to photograph it!

I need to take some more pictures of my creations.  

  • I will also Embroider clothes for you.  I can make your show curtains or sturdy cages unique, touting your Cattery name or logo, or perhaps a picture of your cat is what you want.  I make cat beds in all shapes and sizes, those too can be personalized.  You name it, I think I can embellish it if  I can get it in a hoop.  I have also created some purses and bags, which seem to big a big hit.  I also create vests and other garments on which to embroider on.  Our imaginations, or dreams can be realized in this medium!  

My Embroidery data base includes things like:

  • Rocky and Bullwinkle™
  • Babe in the City™
  • Loralie Cat Ladies
  • Country Cats - cats baking, hanging clothes, sweeping, strolling, ironing, gardening, balls of yarn\
  • Woody Woodpecker™ - His Logo, Woody skiing, water skiing, surfing, racing a car, and riding a bike.
  • Japanese Kanji - Happiness, Fortune, Bird, Peace are some of the words I can remember in that database.  There were many, many more.
  • Specific Cat Breeds: Japanese Bobtail (of course! Designs were made of my cats) Manx, Siamese, Maine Coon Cat, Persians, British Shorthairs, just to name a few.  I hope to get all of the breeds, especially for those hard, to find or minority breeds.  I'm sure many other breeders, or cat owners, have just as difficult time as I do finding something with their breed of choice on it.  It is nearly impossible to find a JBT on anything!
  • Other Cats - not breed specific, angel cats, ally cats, ally cat scenes, cartoon cats, "Red work" cats, Egyptian cat
  • Fonts - Way too many to list!  But I have all styles from whimsy,  to serious.  
  • Other Animals - Moose, Mice, Bats, Dogs, Horses, Jaguars, Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my.  Otters and many other creatures.  I love animals so I will be working on expanding my database in this catagory as well.
  • Fantasy - Fairies, gnomes, Leprechauns, and dragons.
  • Floral and Paisley Patterns - Tulips, roses, peonies, daisies, sunflowers, lillies.  I'm sure there are some I can't think of right now.
  • Nursery Type Patterns - Teddy bears, bows, blocks and other baby like things.
  • Sport Type Designs - Golf, tennis, baseball.  
  • Dinosaurs - I have a few of these.  
  • Things to do with Eating - Strawberries, apples, pineapples, ice cream, and many other items.
  • Buildings - Cottages, light houses, log cabin, toadstool house all come to mind

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Custom Embroidery


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